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Luxe to Kill came on board with Haslo Digital to accelerate their growth, needing support across all of their eCom. From website design and development, to fulfilment management and system changes, all the way to email marketing and paid strategy support, we got our hands in every bit of the pie.

Starting with designing and building a new website and email strategy, we oversaw a transition from Linnworks to Peoplevox as we optimised the warehouse management structure.

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We have worked with Scott at Haslo for over 2 years now and he has been instrumental through a period which has seen big changes and rapid growth at LTK, but probably most importantly is that as a business we have always felt safe in Scott’s hands. Placing a large degree of responsibility in a young business can sometimes be a concern for business owners, however as a young business ourselves we recognise that some of the best work can come from newer and more dynamic companies. I struggle to think of any occasions where we have requested something which was out of Scott’s capabilities, or better yet he has had the knowledge or creativity to actually provide better solutions than we initially requested in order to develop us further. Dealing with agencies can sometimes be a challenge in order to ensure you are get a fair return for your money, but Scott genuinely has taken this concern completely off the table from very early on, to a degree where we entrust even more areas of the business since we started working together 2 years ago.

Akeeb Ahmed, CEO

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