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Halso came on board to assist The Couture Club through a massive period of transition in the business. Having grown massively in the 4 years prior, they were without an internal eCommerce support to facilitate them in their next stage of growth. We worked to move them into the right direction of eCommerce infrastructure, from backend systems, to site mechanisms and proper management of paid acquisition channels with 3rd party partners, to ensure that as they built their in-house team, they were well equipped to see them into the next stages of their growth plans.

Our work included entire website overhauls, introduction of new payment systems, advertising channel expansions and warehouse integration functionalities, as well as overseeing 2 Black Friday Week campaigns ensuring the brand had sufficient 'hype building' in place as well as the backend eco-structure to support this.

The key part of our work was education - to ensure the knowledge of how things worked, and why they worked that way, was inside of the business, and not just within the Haslo team. This was pivotal in ensuring that as they brought in the right in-house team, everything would be properly scalable and cost-efficient to their aims.

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